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Project: Economic Growth in the Agricultural Sector (2013-2020)

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01-01-2013 - 31-12-2018
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This program aims to increase economic growth and employment in Burkina Faso through improved competitiveness and productivity in the private agricultural sector. The program consists of two components : Component 1: Support to the private sector. The goal is to improve of growth opportunities for agricultural enterprises by providing subsidised consultancy services, support to green initiatives as well as to their work with producers and suppliers. Small and growing agricultural entreprises receives advice and support in order for them to access private financing, e.g. bank loans and investments from investment funds. From 2017, the component - the Agro Industrial Fund - is implemented by a private operator. Until 2017, the component was implemented by the parastatal organization, Maison de l' Entreprise of Burkina Faso. There are also credit lines and a guarantee fund available under this component. Component 2: Support the the public sector. The aim is to improve the framework conditions for small - and medium-sized agricultural enterprises through support to policy and norms as well as the contstruction of 230 warehouses, meat markets and other infrastructures. From 2013-2017 the programme supported the development and implementation of a national agricultural program. In component two, the program works in five out of Burkina Faso's 13 regions . These are the Sahel , Centre Est, Est, North, and Centre-Ouest as well as with selected sub-sectors: corn, vigna beans, beef cattle, Shea nuts and gum Arabic. In component one, there are no such restrictions, apart from the exclusion of cotton production, which receives plenty of support from elsewhere.


A number of risks have been identified in the formulation of the program, such as risk of reduced demand for advice and financing, sluggishness in the selection and implementation of infrastructure, hesitation among companies due to complex rules and procedures and the risk of natural disasters. This has been taken into account, in the program's organization, among others through a comprehensive technical assistance.

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Contribute to growth in agricultural productivity, in added value and income with a view to increase national economic growth and reduction of poverty

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