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Project : Transitional Programme 2014 2015

Danida reference number
IATI identifier
1/1/2014 - 12/31/2015
Disbursements USD


The strategic objective of the Transition Programme is : "To support the realisation of an independent Palestinian state within the framework of a two-state solution with a robust economy, sustainable institutions and good governance at national and municipal level." The Transition Programme will, therefore, contribute to the two specific strategic objectives of the Danish Palestinian Partnership: * Palestinian state-building and citizens┬┐ rights as a means to support good governance, democracy and human rights * Equal economic opportunities through stimulation of economic development, growth and livelihoods. These two objectives offer scope for a range of useful synergies through which they will support each other as well as having a number of wider, enabling effects. Economic development, is a key focus of the NDP and underpins the approach to the private sector, improved employment, revenue generation and collection, in part to finance service delivery and reduction of debt. However, such improvements will not be achieved without corresponding advances in the governance area, including attendant legislation, evidence based planning, monitoring, revenue collection, and services. Meanwhile, adequate opportunities for ordinary citizens to engage in the planning processes (in addition to being end-users) are critical to ensuring that needs and expectations are met. The Transition Programme will thus also promote higher standards of local democracy and civil society engagement.

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