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Project : Afghanistan Country Programme - TP 1: Governance, Democracy and Human Rights

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01-01-2015 - 31-12-2018
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The objective of TP1 is to strengthen the institutional and administrative capacities of the State and civil society at central and local levels to counter corruption and provide effective service delivery with increased transparency and accountability, and to promote human rights for all Afghans. On top of its direct benefits, this objective is also an enabler for achieving ambitions in education (TP2) and growth and employment (TP3). The table below elaborates the theory informing TP1. The objective will be fulfilled in light of the following assumptions: - There is GIRoA willingness to engage in reform processes, and continued dialogue with development partners aimed at improving performance; - Afghan citizens remain willing to contribute to participatory governance structures and processes, including elections; and - Implementing partners’ capacity remains sufficient to deliver required results, then if… Input: Denmark provides funding for capacity development in central Government functions, supports electoral reform and effective elections, and provides funding to independent institutions and civil society organisations that are focused on improving governance. the expected changes anticipated are:

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