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About the site went live in 2014, as part of the parcel defined by Danida’s Annual Report – for the first time being published solely on the web.

The foundation for OpenAid is the detailed data regarding each individual activity, included in Denmark’s ODA-aggregates, reported in compliance with international standards.

Transparency regarding the use of these grants is accepted as a prerequisite for aid-effectiveness, and Denmark has joined the effort to introduce common standards for transparency, right from the start. An important milestone in this effort was reached in Busan 2011, with the global commitment to transparency, including a feasible, digital open-data format: ‘IATI’.

In the spring of 2014, Denmark was able to implement an automated, daily update of all data regarding ongoing activities, in this IATI-format. OpenAid was developed, simultaneously, to display the content of this data-source.

OpenAid is, however, not just a new website, but replaces the annexes previously published as part of the Annual Reports: Statistical tables and the Danish PPO (‘Program og Projekt Orientering’). Such details are now presented in a coherent way, allowing navigation, filtering and search options to investigate any part of the portfolio of particular interest to the individual user.

The following pages provide a brief introduction to the use of, and the alternative, open sources available for the documentation of Denmark’s participation in the international development cooperation.


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