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Which other sources to use

Development and implementation of is guided by Denmark’s commitment to transparency, as it was defined at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Republic of Korea, in 2011. Please see the §23 of the document Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation

The priority issue is to provide timely, comprehensive and forward-looking information; These are identified as the management needs that require a new standard and format for rapid exchange of data.

The new data-source, and thus OpenAid, is not developed to replace existing, statistical sources of historical data on development cooperation. It is still important to know and use such existing sources. includes e.g. historical data regarding the disbursement for activities, only if they were still under implementation, or have been initiated after, January 1st  2013. Activities closed prior to this date are not included. The best source for historical and statistical data is OECD.Stat. Here, the final and validated annual reports, right back to the early days more than 50 years ago, have been preserved and made publically available. will always display data in accordance with the current statistical standards and code-lists. These standards are unavoidably changing and are being further developed to cater for new and previously unforeseen political dialogues and commitments. When such changes in code-lists are implemented, it will also change the display of historical data in OpenAid. OECD.Stat is the best source to use, to ensure static data regarding past years, even those years displayed in OpenAid.


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