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Glossary of terms


Application Programming Interface (API) is the technical solution, chosen for automated eksport of data from management applications in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Data is wrappes in a standardised international format (ref. IATI), and exposed on the address Anyone can get these data, in machinereadable format (xml), and since the structure (xml-schema) is based on the IATI-standard, data from Denmark can be combined with data from any other IATI-publisher.

Bilateral ODA

The mainstream, bilateral ODA is based on Country Programmes in the priority countries. Bilateral cooperation does, however, include a wide range of other types of ODA. Practically speaking, bilateral ODA is easiest to define as ‘anything, but the multilateral ODA’.

Breakdown of development assistance:
The pie-chart breakdown of development assistance is the most aggregate presentation of Denmarks ODA, in a particular year. The chart was introduced in the revised format for Danidas Annual Report, 1996.


The Development Assistance Committee (DAC), under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); since the start of ODA, more than 50 years ago, DAC has been the multilateral institution responsible for the ODA-definition. Data management (collection, validation and publication) regarding the size and character of ODA, peer-reviews of the performance of each donor and publication of best-practice recommendations for effective development cooperation are among DAC’s main tasks.


The International Aid Transparancy Initiative (IATI) has facilitated the development of the xml-schema’s introcuced as the new standard-format for exchange of timely and forwardlooking data regarding ODA. This format is the technical foundation for The strength of the new format is to allow fast exchange of current and preliminary data, as a supplement to the slower collection and publication of validated statistical information, managed by DAC.

Multilateral ODA

Multilateral ODA is the core contributions provided by bilateral donors to multilateral institutions, included on Annex 2 on the DAC-directive. Any earmarked contributions to the very same organisations are counted as Bilateral ODA.


Official Development Assistance (ODA) is the donor effort in favour of economic and social development in recipient countries; contribution to development cooperation by official authorities, reported in accordance with the DAC-directive. ODA is thus not including private funds, or philanthropic efforts by private companies or foundations.

Not included under sections 06.3 and 06.11.19

The budgettary frames for Denmarks ODA is determined in the negotiation of the annual Finance Bill – resulting in the Finance Act. Frames managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are under Budget Account 06; the major part under 06.3. A minor part under 06.11. fulfils the ODA-criteria, and is managed according to the same procedures as 06.3. Outside these Budget Accounts, and in other Ministries, are a variety of other major and minor expenses, reportable as ODA. These are managed under other procedures, and data is only collected once a year. These parts of Denmarks ODA has always been treated separately in Danidas Annual reports, and will continue to present themselves a bit different (with fewer details) in



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