Skip to content is built upon the same foundation and structures as other sources of international ODA-statistics.

Compliance with DAC’s ODA-definition, and reporting requirements, ensures that three dimensions are universally applicable:

  • Who are we supporting? – the dimension Organisations covers all ODA
  • What are we supporting? – the dimension Sectors covers the entire bilateral ODA 
  • Where do the activities we support make a difference? – the dimension Countries & Regions covers the bilateral ODA as well. Parts of the cooperation cannot be specified to target a specific country, but will be regional or global by nature.

Supplementing this basic structure, we have chosen to include the time-dimension. In the upper left corner of any page, you can select the year of interest. will present the latest, completed year by default, but you can select current year as well, and see the year-to-date totals.

The same dimensions are available as cross-reference and filtering options in the navigation, allowing intuitive access to change the perspective, e.g. shifting from the total volume for one country under a specific Purpose to see the complete sector-distribution for that country – or viewing the partner organisations in that country instead.

As a continuation of the annexes of past Annual Reports, the aggregate ODA pie-chart, and the tabular presentation of total ODA in accordance with categories of Denmark’s Finance Act, are both maintained in OpenAid.

Search- and filtering options on the page Projects allows for combination of multiple criteria, or specific search, to find individual activities.